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Liver Health Foundation (LHF) is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the local liver community.  LHF has been established by dedicated community members for the sole purpose of supporting and helping liver patients, caregivers, and medical professionals.  


Our programs and events are designed to transform the approach to liver disease by focusing on prevention, healthy lifestyle, accurate and updated medical information on innovative and new treatments, and opportunities to meet with liver specialists and directly ask questions about your liver concerns. Our fundraising efforts will be dedicated to increasing awareness of liver disease, providing local resources for liver patients and their families through free-to-public educational programs and patient outreach activities.


We walk to raise awareness of liver disease, to nurture hope in those who are living with liver disease, to honor the memories of those we have lost, and to inspire others to do the same. We walk for the families and caregivers of liver patients, and for a future when death from liver disease will become a faded memory, an impossibility. We call on liver community in Orange County to come together in our Walk Day, March 11th, and lift everyone’s spirit.